Property Information

The Maharashtra Co-operative Society Act has prescribed a list of important documents that you must submit during transfer of a property in a housing society.

Affidavit made before the notary or executive magistrate.

  • The true copy of society registration certificate, and if it is an apartment then copy of the deed of declaration.
  • No-objection certificate from the society for transfer, the responsibility of the chairman/secretary is to approve the same.
  • 7/12 extract of the land or extract of property registration card.
  • Copies of approval of building plan from Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation and other authorities.
  • Occupation certificate, commencement certificate and completion certificate.
  • The copy of the non-agricultural order.
  • Certificate of the exclusion from Land Ceiling Act (U.L.C.) Certificate.
  • Land measurement map or an architect’s certificate.

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